Jason's Surprise

Testimony #10

Jason had a brief testimony about how he’s seeing God at work.

He’s new to this particular prison camp. He came in on a transfer from another one. He quickly heard about the ‘Knowing Jesus’ gathering at the chapel and signed up for it.

Today was Jason‘s first day with us but he was eager to share his amazement and how God had brought him to a reunion with Paul who was also at this gathering.

Thirteen years earlier, Jason and Paul were both Friends and partners in crime, if you will. They were both serving sentences together at a another institution and were up to no good — Doing drugs and causing problems within the prison. One or both were transferred and they hadn’t seen one another all this time.

Well it seems that shortly after that transfer, the Lord got a hold of Jason and turned his life right side up.  He was now doing his best to walk faithfully with his beloved Jesus.

So Jason was both surprised and encouraged to see his old friend Paul, now a new creature in Christ as well, on this — his first Tuesday with us.

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