Mike's Courage

Testimony #11

Mike is about 45 years old, skinny, and with a nervous disposition.  When he would talk to me I always had to make him repeat himself because he was so quiet and nervous. One day after the Knowing Jesus gathering as the men were leaving, he came up to me and told me that he was in a very difficult dorm.

The very small and newly started prayer circle was being harassed and was struggling to continue.  Mike is the only person from that dorm coming to the Chapel. This put Michael in the crosshairs of a very violent troublemaker who had begun threatening him.

We prayed together and I tried to encourage him.

The next week Mike came in at the front of the line and sat in the front row. During the first few minutes, I could hardly believe it when Mike mustered the courage to share with the whole group a brief testimony of how he had seen God at work.  

He said he’s been praying for his dorm and that during this week the biggest troublemaker got transferred out. On top of that, one of the really good Correctional Officers — a kind and very outspoken Christian— was assigned to the dorm. There is a greater measure of peace in the dorm prayer circle is now growing.

As Mike shared it seem that his courage, his confidence, and his faith are all gaining muscle.  The new creature in Christ is becoming visible.

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