Patrick's Freedom

Testimony #14

Patrick, a former meth addict, says he has never had anything to look forward to all his life except getting high.  

He is clean and sober now and doing the hard work of recovery. He has become a follower of Jesus, claiming Him as Lord and Savior.

At a small gathering last week he spoke up and told us that something strange and new has happened to him. He is now looking forward to the rest of his life.  “I don’t have anyone out there and I sure don’t have any money, and I’ve got no idea what will happen to me when I get out.  But it’s so strange, I have  peace and I’m excited about my life.  I can’t explain it.  It seems crazy, but I feel free for the first time in my life.  I know that sounds crazy from in here, but I am free and life is good because of Jesus and His word.”  As he finished, he slapped his new Bible shaking his head in awe over this experience of transformation.

Patrick’s animation as he shared left no doubt.  He is a new creature in Christ.

O, what a joy it is to witness the merciful hand of God setting one more prisoner free.

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