Rex's Joy

Testimony #12

Rex, barely  30, seemed to be waiting for the question — the usual one. “Where have you seen God at work this week?“

He was quick to put up his hand and make eye contact with me with a big grin on his face.

It looked like this was going to be a really happy testimony.

Rex explained that he’s been really concerned for his young son’s salvation. He is autistic and his mother has been overwhelmed lately. Rex is no longer married to the mother, but they have a positive relationship and stay in touch.

He was cautious about trying to influence his ex-wife toward getting involved with a good Church, fearful that if he pushed it would be just too much stress for her and could make things worse.  Instead of pushing, Rex had been praying for his son’s salvation and for relief for the mother.

That week, while on the phone with his ex-wife, Rex heard her tell him that they visited a church and to her surprise assistance with special needs children is part of their ministry.  They were ecstatic and we’re planning on diving in to that fellowship.

God had heard Rex’s prayer and had answered so beautifully.  Rex’s smile was so big I was afraid he might tear his cheeks.

I could see that many of the younger Dad’s in the room were especially touched to hear Rex’s testimony of answered prayer.

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