Ron's Teeth

Testimony #1

Ron, an inmate in his late 50s, had heard that the Knowing Jesus fellowship was a place to come for encouragement and equipping.  He quickly adapted to our fellowship on his first day with us.  

We start off with a prayer and then I ask for reports of God sightings. “Where have you seen God at work in the past week?”

After a few others shared, Ron raised his hand and told us this story.

“When I transferred here, I was put in H dorm.  I really hated it. It’s an open dorm. Lots of yelling and arguing all the time — so loud. Mostly gang members.

“I've been praying for God to get me out. To put me in a better dorm. I prayed and prayed but nothing happened. I figured God was telling me something. That I was there for a reason so I’ve been working on accepting that.

“There's a big gang leader in the bunk next to mine who seems to always be the start of all arguments and the loudest of all. The other day I was getting into my foot locker for a snack when he came up to me, got real close, and said, ‘What would you do if I reached in there and took all your stuff?’

“I must admit, I lost my peace right then and said to him ‘I'd probably slam the lid down on your hand and break your fingers.’ 

“He moved in closer and looked down at me face to face and said, ‘You better watch your mouth! You might just lose all your teeth.’ 

“Well, I've noticed for a long time that this young guy has dentures, so I said … and I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I did… I said, ‘It looks like that’s already happened to you.’

“Just as I was finishing my insult, I felt a solid uppercut in the chin. The strange thing about it, I didn't see any stars or feel anything — except I nearly bit off my tongue. I figure God was telling me something about my tongue. And, I was amazed that I didn't see any stars or feel any pain other than that. God was there for me.

“A couple of days later the same guy came up to me, and completely out of character, he apologized. He said, ‘I shouldn't have hit you. God told me I shouldn't have hit you.’

“Since then, I haven't heard him yelling or arguing. Not once. Something about him is different. He calmer and definitely quieter.”

As Ron finished his story, the fellowship broke out in applause and cheers for the God who changes hearts.

When we share with each other what we see God doing, our faith is mixed in with everyone else’s and all of us are strengthened. I wish you could feel the joy and energy of these men as this happens and as we dive into the Scriptures together.

I love watching these men walk back in single file to their dorms with big grins on their faces, knowing that there will be another wave of Jesus-gossip washing through the prison.  

It was just that kind of gossip that got the word to Ron about this gathering.  

God puts a big grin on my face, too, as I go the opposite direction to exit the prison — until next week.

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