Roy's Joy

Testimony #6

Roy is close to 30 and always seems excited about Jesus.  That Tuesday, when he raised his hand to share with the group how he had seen God at work lately, I could tell he was busting with joy.

What he shared was simple but especially meaningful for him.  He was able to have a positive impact on his parents and little brother through a phone conversation.

The way he told it, his Dad and family had been gradually drifting away from Jesus and the church.  Nothing terrible, just slow drift.  Roy had been sensing a loss of passion for Jesus over the weeks through their regular phone calls.  Roy prayed.

The opportunity to address it came when his Dad complained about a rising confusion in the family.  Things just weren’t right — not like they should be or once had been.

Roy suggested the words of Jesus, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”  

Dad said, “That’s it.  That’s exactly what our problem is.  Jesus isn’t first anymore.”

Roy’s reply, “So what are you going to do about it?”

“We’ve got to get back to spending time together with Jesus.”

Roy started to grin now as he shared his next part in the conversation. “Well, when are you going to start, Dad?”

His Dad accepted the question and used the accountability being offered by answering, “Tomorrow — first thing — morning devotions — together.”

Roy then told us what his Dad told him — that immediately upon making the commitment he felt that precious peace return.

Roy slapped the chapel pew in front of him, ecstatic that God had used him — while incarcerated!!!  It was pure joy to have had this meaningful influence upon his family.

As usual, the 45 men listening to this testimony applauded, praising God.

I wondered at how these men long to be a part of their families, and Roy gave them hope that in Christ, all things are possible.

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