Keith's Loss and Christ's Gain

Testimony #26
It was Keith’s first time to be a part of Knowing Jesus.  

He shared how when he was in his bunk and heard the callout...

Gerardo's Poem

Testimony #25
Having been kept out of Calhoun CI for 9 months due to quarantining and other factors, I was thrilled to return last week.

Eddie's Surprise Blessings

Testimony #24
Eddie is probably in his late twenties to early thirties.  He showed up for the Knowing Jesus gathering and seemed very happy to be...

Right Where Joe Is

Testimony #23 

I’ll call him Joe.  

Joe took the recovery classes, did the work, and trusts in Jesus.  He’s a smart man, well educated,...

Tex's Contention

#22 Tex’s Contention
Back in the prisons after a long quarantine lockdown! Halleluia!
Toward the end of the “Knowing Jesus” gathering, the...

Paul's 'All-In'

Testimony #21
I want you to hear from Paul again.  He had a testimony awhile back (#15) but as you well know, the Lord continues toward the completion...

Jay's Mission

Testimony #20My best guess is that Jay is six foot four and 50 years old.  He is slender, energetic, positive and speaks with an East Indian brogue....

Tommy's Sentence

Testimony #19
I’ve had contact with Tommy for over 7 years now.  As is the case with most inmates, I have no idea of what crime he was convicted...

Tim's Return

Testimony #18Tim reluctantly stood up to speak to the others.  He had wrestled with the idea of keeping quiet but then excused himself for coming forward...

Matt's Contagion

Testimony #17Matt (the same Matt from testimony #7) shared an amazing testimony in the midst of one of our large gatherings.  I wish I could relate it...

Peter's Mother

Testimony #16I got a call today from Peter.  He was released almost a year ago and went directly to a hospital in New England to be with his ailing mother...

Paul's Relapse & Rodney's Encouragement

Testimony #15I’ve known Paul for about a year.  He has been a faithful participant in my recovery classes and living clean and sober.  He showed up at...

Patrick's Freedom

Testimony #14Patrick, a former meth addict, says he has never had anything to look forward to all his life except getting high.  He is clean and sober...

Chad's Release

Testimony #13Chad attended Common Solution Recovery classes and followed instructions doing the hard work for recovery.  He has been incarcerated several...

Rex's Joy

Testimony #12
Rex, barely  30, seemed to be waiting for the question — the usual one. “Where have you seen God at work this week?“
He was quick...

Mike's Courage

Testimony #11
Mike is about 45 years old, skinny, and with a nervous disposition.  When he would talk to me I always had to make him repeat himself...

Jason's Surprise

Testimony #10
Jason had a brief testimony about how he’s seeing God at work.
He’s new to this particular prison camp. He came in on a transfer...

Jeff's Faith

Testimony #9
After the opening prayer for the “Knowing Jesus” gathering, I posed the usual question to the men; “What have you seen God doing lately?”

Juan's Vision

Testimony #8
 Juan and I were talking awhile back, sharing our sadness and confusion over a Christian brother  and inmate (about my age) named Dennis...

Matt's Explosion

Testimony #7
Matt is pretty young, probably early thirties and small in stature.  He sits by himself and keeps quiet.  Not so much on this Tuesday.

Roy's Joy

Testimony #6
Roy is close to 30 and always seems excited about Jesus.  That Tuesday, when he raised his hand to share with the group how he had...

Nathaniel's Confession

Testimony #5Young Nathaniel had been absent from the “Knowing Jesus” gatherings for a couple of weeks.  Today he would be back.As the men began piling...

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