Right Where Joe Is

Testimony #23 

I’ll call him Joe.  

Joe took the recovery classes, did the work, and trusts in Jesus.  He’s a smart man, well educated, soft spoken and polite.  He struggles more than many over living in an environment with so much violence.  But, Joe has hope in Jesus.

He shared with me that when he was sentenced, the judge gave him 37 consecutive life sentences.  No chance of ever leaving prison.  Everyone involved was astounded at the severity of the judgement.

Then Joe told me that he had prayed a lot about it and then turned it over to God.  His attorney appealed the sentence and now Joe is serving just one life sentence.  Imagine being happy about a life sentence!  Joe is happy about it because now he has a small chance for parole.  He knows that may never happen but he has hope.  

Joe is working on accepting that his life will likely be lived out behind the wire.  He has begun to embrace a vision for serving the Lord and others where he is.  I believe God is already using Joe to manifest His resurrection life and grace - right where he is.

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