Tex's Contention

#22 Tex’s Contention

Back in the prisons after a long quarantine lockdown! Halleluia!

Toward the end of the “Knowing Jesus” gathering, the new face in the back raised his hand.  “I’m an atheist” he stated contentiously.  

I love it when this happens.  

We didn’t argue with Tex.  We acknowledged some of his complaints about “the church” as valid.  We had a wonderful discussion about the possibilities of life on other planets, C.S. Lewis, eternity, and divine revelation.  

By no outward indication was Tex ‘won over’ to Jesus.  I know that Jesus was present among us and that He was loving Tex through us.

He admitted that he had come to our gathering because his believing daughter had asked him to promise to attend at least two Chapel events.  This was the first one.  

We are praying with confidence for Tex to receive saving faith.  Look what the Lord is doing already through the prayers of his daughter.

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