Jay's Mission

Testimony #20

My best guess is that Jay is six foot four and 50 years old.  He is slender, energetic, positive and speaks with an East Indian brogue.  While new to the camp, he has fit in well by shining the love of Jesus all around.

The Chaplain’s noticed Jay’s leadership and asked if he would like to be a part of the “Faith and Character” dorm.  Several men are on the waiting list to get into that program.  It is a positive way to get out of dorms where gang violence and drug insanity are prevalent.  

Jay declined the offer.

As he shared this with the “Knowing Jesus” gathering, he explained his reasoning.  “God has put it in my heart to love dese lost ones, ya’ know.  I know nuttin’ betta dan seein’ one of dese lost young guys gettin’ turn roun by Jesus.  He’s wit me in da worst places — so dat’s where I wanna be.”

I have been noticing the several men that have the same Jesus-heart for mission.  The ones who see themselves as planted in the dark place so they can live out their roles as ambassadors of Christ.

After Jay shared, I mentioned that he and men like him are the missionary arm of our fellowship.  What they are doing and being is the whole purpose of our gathering.  If a difference is not being made in those dark places, what we do in the Chapel is of no value at all.  

They all agreed wholeheartedly with amens and clapping — so we spent a time in prayer for our missionaries — to be strengthened, empowered, protected and led into greater fruitfulness.

Can you believe it?  Prisoners of Love!!!!

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