Jeff's Faith

Testimony #9

After the opening prayer for the “Knowing Jesus” gathering, I posed the usual question to the men; “What have you seen God doing lately?”

Jeff raised his hand and shared about a visit that he and Jose had at the infirmary.  He explained how on Saturdays the two of them, as chapel orderlies, have the regular task of visiting the men confined and being treated at the prison infirmary.

Clark, an older man, has been in an infirmary bed for four years after having had a severe stroke. His movement and speech are severely restricted.  Jeff and Jose usually spend a little while with Clark reading scripture to him, often with little to no response.

On this day they read to him the story of Lazarus’ resurrection upon Jesus’ command to “Come forth!” from the tomb.  He sat and seemed to be listening, but it’s hard to tell sometimes with Clark.  When finished with the reading, the two joined hands with the gentleman and prayed for his healing and blessing.  

Then Jeff and Jose stood to leave. As they did, they noticed that Clarke struggled to get the words out.  He said in a broken voice, “Wait, I’m coming forth!“

They could not help but laugh with delight for Clark’s response.

As Jeff shared this, he went on to say that God was giving him faith for Clark’s healing. He and Jose will surely continue to read scripture to him and pray for and with him.

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