Tommy's Sentence

Testimony #19

I’ve had contact with Tommy for over 7 years now.  As is the case with most inmates, I have no idea of what crime he was convicted nor the length of his sentence.

He is an older man, probably late sixties or early seventies, very even-tempered, quiet, respectful and kind.

Last week he stood up to give testimony to the fifty plus men at the “Knowing Jesus” gathering.

That is when I learned that Tommy had been sentenced to death.  He shared with us how many years ago he was taken to death row in Raiford - between Ocala and Jacksonville.  As he went inside, he said, “good bye” to the world.

Some time later while in his cell, he heard a voice tell him to get down on his knees and pray.  While he was praying a light that was like a liquid filled the room and filled his body, filling him with peace and joy.

Some time later, his sentence was changed to a life sentence.  No explanation was given and he was transferred to another camp.  While there, he was praying and it entered his mind that his mother had died.  That day he was called to the Chaplain’s office, knowing that he was about to be told the news.

Later, one of the staff asked Tommy if he wanted to go to the funeral.  Of course he would, but that was unheard of.  Miraculously, he was allowed to attend he funeral.  What’s more, the Officer escorting him ordered that the cuffs and shackles be removed.  Tommy was so happy to see his family and to share with them in the grief of losing his mother.  He couldn’t believe how they all received him with hugs and kisses.

Now, decades later, Tommy shared how since that day on death row, he belongs to Jesus and has tried to tell others of His great love for sinners.

In his letter to the Ephesian church, the Apostle Paul quoted Psalm 68 — an appropriate verse for Tommy and for all of us who “belong” to Jesus.

          “When He ascended on high,
               He led captivity captive,
               And gave gifts to men”

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