Keith's Loss and Christ's Gain

Testimony #26

It was Keith’s first time to be a part of Knowing Jesus.  

He shared how when he was in his bunk and heard the callout he sensed the Spirit urged him to get dressed and go.  He had never done so and had not intended to do so but this time he was compelled.  

Keith had no trouble speaking out.  He was steadily turning the pages of his Bible and offering Scriptures that related to the passage we were discussing.  He even responded to the request for any to share how they had seen God at work lately.  

This is what he told us.

“I was playing basketball and these three front teeth got knocked out by another inmate’s elbow.  My usual reaction would have been to mess the guy up pretty bad.  I fought professionally in the octagon (that’s MMA - mixed martial arts) before prison.  “

“If I had done that, I would have ended up in the box and been written up.  It would have put off my early release for good behavior and I’ve been counting on that.  My mom doesn’t have long to live and I want to see her before she goes.”  

“The guy who elbowed me saw me spit out the teeth and he started apologizing real fast.  I told him I knew it was an accident.  Later he tried to give me some money and I wouldn’t let him.  I just told him that it was a good thing it was me and not someone else and basketball didn’t need to be played so rough.  I told him that as a follower of Christ I didn’t have to react the old way — the way most guys in here would.”

“It turns out that a lot of the guys who saw it have come up to me to talk about it.  One guy said, ‘You’re a better man than I am.  I would have lost it.’  It has given me a chance to share Christ with them.”

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