He was new to the Knowing Jesus gathering. Caramel skin with no obvious tattoos.  He was sitting in the back, probably undecided and checking us (or me) out.  One of the regulars offered prayer.  A few gave brief testimonies of where they had seen God’s hand at work.  

Then we opened our Bibles, preparing to read the next section from John 19.  One of the hands still up was the new guy in the back so I called on him.  Nervously, he opened his mouth and began to share how he was resistant to join in the evening prayer circle. (This was a Faith and Character dorm in which the presence of the Spirit of God is building.  Signs of revival were on the increase.)  

His admission of unwillingness to participate in group prayer was a heartfelt confession of his own spiritual struggle and the persistence of selfishness.

From that point on in our two hours together we were all elevated into a rich manifestation of God’s presence.  While he discussion was centered on Jesus and the truths of scripture, we never got to John 19.

As we closed, I thanked the new guy a second time for his honest sharing.  I made the point to the gathering that this young man’s honest confession served as a welcome mat for the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth whose presence had touched, empowered and transformed each of us.

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