Repeat Offender


Anthony is a recovered addict.  While under the influence he did some horrible things.  He went through the CSR class at the Chapel and then he went through it again.  The second time through, or maybe it was the third time, he did the hard work of self examination in steps 4 through 7.  I sat with him there in the Chapel for several hours as he recounted the shameful and harmful actions of his past.  He uncovered his fears and got to the heart of how he had lost the power to choose whether or not he would continue abusing.  He got honest with himself, with God, and with me.  He experienced the miracle promised and the power to choose has been restored.  Anthony continues to go through the CSR course.  We have lost count.  Other inmates ask him why he does so since he already got the certificate.  Anthony continues to come because he wants to never go back to the darkness that was killing him.  He tells them that he gains something from every class.  A few men have followed him and are attending now.  Anthony was asked to join the Faith and Character dorm/program.  When I go to that dorm for the Knowing Jesus gatherings I see him.  He sits quietly, listening and soaking it all up — increasing his faith in Jesus.

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