Mark 4 Ministries

The Mission of

Mark 4

To raise leaders sufficient for a growing movement of recovery, faith in Jesus Christ, and obedience to Him

A Ministry of

Addiction Recovery,

Inmate Evangelism and

Spiritual Equipping

Emerges in the

Florida Panhandle

Mark 4 Ministries was incorporated as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in 2011 to provide a means for Steven Brightwell, the Executive Director, to continue fulfilling Jesus' mandate to make disciples.

After serving as a missionary in Central America for two and a half years, Steven was trained and then commissioned an evangelist in 1990.  

For twenty years he led a small national ministry of evangelism among society's most marginalized.  He left his role of Director of Church Army USA in 2010 to return to the 'front lines' assisting addicts and alcoholics into recovery.

Welcomed by the Florida Prison Chaplains in the Panhandle in 2012, Since then Steve has been providing addiction recovery classes based upon the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, spiritual equipping, and preaching.  

He has been planting "Knowing Jesus" fellowships in two of the five prison camps he serves.  In these gatherings, souls are converted and disciples are equipped and empowered to manifest the Kingdom of God in their dorms.

It is in these gatherings, too, that testimonies are shared not only inmate to inmate, but they are shared by email and blog by Steve as faith builders to those on the outside seeking to follow Jesus ever closer.  

Inside Out Testimony Blog

Mark 4 is supported by the Holy Spirt who not only opens prison doors, heals diseases, reveals the Savior to those appointed to eternal life, and empowers believers to bear fruit to the glory of God...

Not only that, but this same Holy Spirit provides the prayer and financial supporters that propels this mission through generous partners and friends.

I invite you to join us in this happy gospel work.